Navagraha Shanti Anushthan


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Navagraha is measured to be a best preparation for peace in life. due to malefic effects of nine planets, many times a person is not able to make improvement in life and proves to be failed in attaining his goal. the universe is dynamic and due to gravity, all the divine bodies come near or move away from each other, thus the mutual relationship of the planets are formed, which affects the residents of the earth that is why there is mutual relationship between planets and humans.

Navagraha absolutely have their favorable and unfavorable effects on the person only by practice (Sadhana) can reduce their effects or make it favorable.

Benefits of Navagraha Shanti Anusthan

  • You will feel away from all malefic effects and nothing wrong happen.
  • you will start happy and staying healthy.
  • It bring prosperity to your life.
  • It is simple and powerful remedy to ensure success in every sphere of life.
  • Problems related to marriage, progeny, relations etc can be sorted out.
  • It ensures the success in legal matters.