Refund Policy

The purpose of Guruvani is to partake of knowledge and wisdom, still if you don’t agree; you aren’t forced to believe us. The websites entirely concentrated on participating knowledge of mantras and training of a practitioner in this digital period. The choice exercised by the user to use any of the services of the website, depends entirely on the user. We aren’t either forced to believe and furnish any guarantee for results.

The knowledge mentioned in this website doesn’t guarantee any results. It’s analogous to owning a degree doesn’t get you a high paying job but you have to work hard constantly to achieve it.

Website isn’t furnishing any subscription

Still, content, images of Guruvani and its operation/ possessors will be violating the cyber laws, if anyone uses the accoutrements like recording.

That will purely be coincidental, If any name or incident resembles any event or content.

Guruvani doesn’t hold any after Deeksha liability.

Users can interact with the team in case any problem arises.

If someone has issues related to any aspect of Guruvani business and its programs that must be considered under the Batala legal bodies( Punjab). We, and any in our team, are liable to answer any legal queries that are meant to bother the inflow of the work.

Guruvani doesn’t hold any demarcation for any religion as it has a vision to enhance the glory of Mantras.