Sahasraakshari Siddha Chandi Mahavidhya Anushthan


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Sahasraakshari Siddha Chandi Mantra helps in dissolution of all negative Karmas and removal of dangers, miseries and obstruction from the life.
Goddess Chandi is Goddess Shakti in her fierce form. She is utmost powerful in this form and Sahasraakshari siddha chandi mantra is the most powerful mantra to please the godess to overcome our difficulties. As the name suggests this is a sidh mantra and should be practiced on suggested days by the Guru and is very fruitful.
This mantra is considered a secret mantra and is generally not available in the books in correct and complete form.
This mantra is given by Guru to the disciple or is done by guru himself as Anushthan for his disciples to resolves their issues.
Sahasraakshari siddha chandi mantra is a one stop solution to all the problems is one’s life which seem never ending and too complicated to be resolved. This mantra is a divine boon to those whose life is messed up with problems.