Shatru Samhara Anushthan


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Shatru Samhara Anushthan is performed to protects us from our enemies. it also solves all the problems like constant loss in business, debts and helps to retain the wealth. It protects from evils energies and helps to revive back the good fortune and thus receiving positivity all around.

When you want to do some work with utmost commitment, but someone or the other becomes a hindrance in it. You want to complete the task easily by winning, the more complications arise in front of you. Not able to understand what to do,  he or some person has created such an obstacle, that all the work has stopped. Then you think, is there any such way, which will help you in completing this work smoothly, which removes the obstacles in your way and you can easily complete your work. For this problem, you should do spiritual practice by taking Shatru Samhara ritual.