Pitra Dosha Redressal Initiation


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If one gets take this Initiation in the name of his/her ancestor then it not only gives peace and contentment to the departed soul but also brings incredible benefits in the life of that person.

* It enhances the spiritual aura in the ‘Pranic’ body of a person that wards off negative energies and blesses the person with a prosperous life ahead.
* It bestows the native with wealth, abundance & financial prosperity.
* It blesses the person with stability in terms of physical health and creates a peaceful state of mind.
* It removes the malefic influences of certain planets from the business house of a native’s horoscope, thus resulting in consistent gains in business income.
* It is a key role in pacifying the negative effects of an ill-placed Jupiter in one’s horoscope. Hence, giving expansion & success in the education and career domains of one’s life.
* Pitra Dosh Redressal Initiation is also considered as one of the greatest remedies for a person suffering from Pitra Dosh in his/her Kundli or Horoscope.