KLEEM Sadhana Deeksha


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This is the initial sadhna related to Lord Krishna. Due to the complete form of Lord Shri Krishna being “KLEEM” form, it becomes necessary in a way that the seeker must do this preliminary practice.
The root of Beauty Sadhana is also this Sadhana and by doing this Sadhana in the Bhadrapada Krishna Paksha, Sadhak definitely gets such strength that he himself becomes capable of attaining beauty as well as a strange type of magnetism filled with hypnosis.
Lord Krishna’s every pore was bound by the clean Kambeej in such a way that there was no need for him to achieve anything or to impress anyone. One automatically became his admirer and follower. Not only human beings but also animals and birds, not only his friend Pandavas but also his adversary Kauravas were equally bound by his attraction.