Beauty Initiation


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Human beings have a special kind of energy and magnetic power and the main center of this energy is the eyes and tips of the fingers. The attraction power is also called hypnotic power. All the substances or all the conscious are there in the world, they are all bound by some kind of attraction. Each male is tied to a homozygous female and feels attracted to her. With the help of this attraction power, the planets and constellations are tied to each other and the study of this mutual attraction and the effect they have on each other is called astrology.

Every person has his magnetic power and the one who has his magnetic power more, he experiences more ability in himself to influence others. on the contrary, a person who has less magnetic power in his personality, he is able to influence others on a mild level only.

The magnetic forces can be present in a rare state in every human being, but if the density of the molecules of that magnetic forces is increased, then that magnetic force can increase and can easily affect the other person.