Akshunna Lakshmi Sadhana Deeksha


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This sadhana is very secret and hardly any yogi has knowledge of it. Shree Yantra is considered best for permanent Lakshmi, Pardeshwari Lakshmi is also very beneficial in this matter, but the use of Akshunna Lakshmi Sadhana is also the crown because the person who completes this sadhana, if he wishes, he is born in a poor family. No matter how much poverty is written in his fate. He moves towards progress in life at a rapid pace, wealth automatically gets attracted towards him and Shodash Lakshmi resides forever in his house.
Lord Shri Krishna’s Guru Sandipani had told Shri Krishna before completing this sadhana – “Krishna! Only a rich person is alive and worshipable on this earth, a poor person is like a dying person tortured even by his own people, hence Krishna “Become rich!”
After completing this sadhana, Krishna took Lakshmi under his control and in that era there was hardly any person as wealthy as him.