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Shri Moti Lal Handa

The most endeared disciple of his revered guru and a torch bearer for the sadhaks of this generation, Guru Shri Motilal Handa has mentored sadhaks all across the globe, 

providing solutions to those who are in deep trouble and he paved a path for those who want to accomplish their high ambitions. His proficiency and expertise in the spectrum of the Ancient Scriptures and further evolutions of the Shabar Mantras and his never ending compassionate guidance for his disciples has

Who is Guru ?

Guru is congregation of all the divine power. It is said Guru Brahma Guru Vishnu Guru Devo Maheshwara it means guru is Brahma Vishnu and Shiva.

It is guru who educates the ignorant disciples and makes them realise God. Without guru it is not possible to dwell or go through in the forest of ancient scriptures, one will end up in havoc experimenting the ancient scriptures without guidance of Guru. A true guru will lead you in path to salvation.

What is Mantra ?

Mantra is that rhythmic sound which when initiated from guru and practiced under his guidance will connect you to the divine power or God.

It is said “Devadhinam Jagat Sarve Mantradhinam cha devatha”. It means devatha/God controls the entire universe and God is easily accessible through mantras. it is also said “Japat siddhim japat siddhim japat siddhirna samshayah meaning continuous recitation of mantra initiated by guru is sure to result success.

Book an Anushthan or get a Diksha for spiritual upliftment.


One may not be able to dedicate much time for Sadhanas due to their personal, physical, professional and family obligations.

Anushtans are the procedures which involve Yagnas, Paath or Recitations and Rituals, which one may resort to, for they cannot do it on their own. These procedures can be done only by a trained and professional expert only, as any small mistake in the process of ritual might not yield the desired result.
Guruvani is a platform for all of the Vedic believers throughout the globe who want to perform Anushtan for their well-being. Pujya Shri Motilal Handa Guruji will personally guide and perform these Anushtans which have benefitted many people in the past years.
Guruji can also suggest you about which Anushtan can be performed if you are not confident about which Anushtan can be done particularly to cater to your requirements.


Sadhanas that appear in the website are profoundly efficacious and are sure of producing desired results.

But, errors on the part of Sadhaks in strictly observing the rules related to a particular Sadhana can affect the degree of success gained in that particular sadhana performed by the Sadhak. The best way to prevent this is to obtain diksha from a true, competent and an expert Guru before performing any type of Sadhana. This way success is ensured and also Guru takes care of all of the errors that might creep in while a Sadhak is performing a particular Sadhana. Diksha can be obtained either online or in-person. However the effectiveness of providing and receiving the diksha from guru does not vary whether taken online or in-person. It totally depends upon the potent of the Guru.


Sadhana is the continuous and repetitive recitation of the mantra, until it creates the needed resonance for the luck and

energy of the divine to favor your needs.
Here we are mentioning various mantras for issues of daily life which on practicing on a regular basis will bring in changes, which in turn makes your life easier to deal with.










Mala is a round string of knotted beads generally used to note the counts of mantra jaap. They are traditionally accustomed to 108 in number on each mala and are

believed to bring in good and proving results in tasks. Malas are used for the purpose of maintaining a record of the count of chanting, so that the Sadhak can fully focus on recitation of mantra rather than on the count of each chant. It is a conventional belief that Rudraksha Mala invokes the blessings of Lord Shiva. Similarly various other Malas minimize the adverse effect of planets and help in fulfilling the wishes of devotees. Energizing the Malas with mantras make them even more effective.


Yantra is a pictorial depiction of the core nature of the God.  Words (referring to the Beej mantras) and mantras are placed into geometrical shapes to make a Yantra. 

These geometrical diagrams of yantras are numerous and are made on days governed by specific stars. Yantra making is a pure science and these Yantras are created involving the five elements of nature. These figures are created to bring an equilibrium between the energies of the sky and ether elements of nature and then the words are imbibed accordingly and then the resulting figure is constructed into Yantras on the days governed by specific stars.


Various products are used in the worship of gods. Products like Sphatik Yantra, Parad Gutika, Energised Idols, Shaligram, Rudraksha & Tantrokt Coconut etc.

All these products are made using various materials. These products have a pivotal role in the Sacramental process of worshiping with Mantras using Yantras.