Sarv Pitra Dosha Redressal Initiation


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Certain planetary placement in the horoscope reveals that the person has a ‘Pitra Dosha’. This is basically a curse that the person carries on due to some of the bad karmas from a past life that get activated to be accounted for in this current lifetime.

While Pitra Dosh can be negated by dedicated practice sadhana elsewhere as well, if a person take this Initiation for even one of his/her ancestors, he/she gets immediate relief from the Pitra Dosh if present in the horoscope.

Benefits Of Sarv Pitra Dosha Redressal deeksha

  •  Removes obstacles or hindrances from one’s life.
  •  One can achieve mental peace and calmness in life.
  •  Wealth & Prosperity dwells in one’s life.
  •  Harmony & cordial relations can be well maintained with the family members by take Pitra Dosha Deeksha
  •  Problem related to progeny, marital life or marriage or delay in marriage will be resolved.
  •  Problems ravaging your financial health can also be neutralised with Deeksha.