Purified Chakra Awakened Initiation


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By awakening the purified chakra, all the darkness of ignorance disappears, the dust of impurities lying on the soul is dispelled, and by the attainment of completely pure knowledge, the pure sat chit form of the soul starts to appear

There are many other wonderful achievementsof purified chakras, one of which is ‘Genius of writing’. On attaining this achievement, prose, poetry, philosophy etc. automatically start writing from his pen, he gets knowledge of language and its precise use, he/she has been able to create beautiful literature through their writing and if they want he/she can earn a name in the literary world.

When this chakra is fully conscious, control is established over the sky element. the person who reaches this stage by consciously conscious – zing the Muladhara, Swadhisthana, Manipura and Anahata chakra respectively, his/her control is established over all the five elements of the body.